Sunday, 31 August 2014

analogue custom made camera bag

Analogue photography is a lot of fun but you either need a lot of pockets, a team of sherpas or a good (waterproof) bag for all the gear. In these throwaway days it is easy to find a cheapo waterproof bag but why take the easy path?

Now where would you find a suitable bag with a tripod carrier in an attractive world map waterproof fabric?

 A bellows style postage stamp pocket for filter?

An internal world map pocket for self timer or lens tissues?

2 roomy compartments for camera, light meter and film?

An elasticated loop to hold a custom designed roll of tape useful for when the sticky fails on the film roll (it does happen...)?

OK well you might possibly find a bag with some of those approximate features but I absolutely guarantee no bag anywhere in the world has one of the following. For people like me with too many hobbies it has been known for the film to stay in the camera for a few months so by the time I pick it up again I can't remember whether it is colour or black and white and the film speed is anyone's guess (I am still learning about that sort of thing).

So here we have a cunningly simple design solution: A rectangle of fabric with a coloured camera fabric design on one side and a black and white design on the other and 2 button holes with an embroidered arrow in the middle. Simply choose the right fabric and  point the arrow to the appropriate speed. I can't take credit for the idea but the sewing is all my own work.

Now all I have to do is learn how to use the camera. It is tricky with apertures and film speeds and light meters and distances but every so often it works...

Tour of Britain: analogue shot
Tour of Britain: digital shot

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