Sunday, 4 August 2013

a riot of colour

Sheila's blanky
This blog needs a colour injection. This is Sheila's latest crocheted creation - I love it!

My own needles are going nineteen to the dozen at the moment, working on a really good idea I have had, based on Kate Davie's Hare and Tortoise design. Now that I am past the Vikkel braids I am not completely sure whether my design is a really good idea after all... but it is certainly an original one.

So I am knitting in the car, in the woods (listening to birdsong, how soothing...) , in Temporary Measure, watching Marple (who by strange symmetry is also knitting, thinking about murder), in bed in the evening, in bed in the morning...

...I think I might be addicted...or afflicted...

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