Monday, 11 March 2013

Something old, something new

Due to a recent bout of frenetic stitching, my marvelous Maureen machine (technologically advanced) has gone on strike, getting stuck in bobbin mode. It was probably making a stand, having been long overdue a service, and to add insult to injury it had been recently subjected to a Thimble repair job. Not sure how I ended up with extra screws and washers after putting it back together...

Luckily waiting in the wings we have this little lovely...
Janome Novum De Luxe Mark III with vintage thread from the Maureen stash

This Janome Novum de luxe mark III was an Oxfam Christmas present and I believe it might be from the 1950s or 60s. Not only is it a beautiful design but 60 years on and it runs like a dream, without a hint of senility. There are little hidey holes for the bobbin case and the inner mechanisms. I can't get over the fact it takes today's needles - no built in obsolescence there. The bulb works so I hope it is still possible to get replacements. It weighs an absolute tonne.
Janome Novum de luxe marke III instruction book

Fabric from Frumble
Lining: cleaning cloth
I thought it a fitting juxtaposition that the first project on my new old Janome (as opposed to my old new Janome, which is having much needed rest and recuperation) has been to make a cover for my ever so 21st century tablet. The lining is a lint-free polishing cloth, so greasy fingerprints are lifted in the taking out and putting away. Clever eh?

Detachable cleaning cloth
Even cleverer or possibly getting a bit carried away is a back up polishing cloth with press stud on ribbon (the ribbon from Temporary Measure having been squirreled away waiting for just such an opportunity).

It wanted a pocket for its lead but I wanted to avoid squishing or scratching any delicate bits, so a bottom zip pocket was the order of the day.

Button by Charlotte Morrison
Last but not least, a decorative pointing hand button (Charlotte Morrison).

....too much?

*Link to Novum 3 Instruction Booklet*

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