Sunday, 20 November 2011


Hedley before adjustments

When I was getting to grips with serging, the thing that I coveted was a "dressform" (dummy) but as it was I had to tack the seams of the jumpers whilst wearing them. This involved a little contortionism though I was pleased with the overall result. Now I had read a number of articles about making the perfect dress-form using duct tape (see this inspiring video: making a duct tape dress form) and I almost tried it, but kept having visions of duct tape catastrophes.

Anyway a little windfall was all I needed to get my hands on an Adjustoform lady valet (on my wish list for a couple of years) called Hedley. When she arrived she was pretty slim... 

 ...well after a few glasses of wine and pieces of pie she split her seams a little and well...looks a bit more relaxed.
Hedley in her new home after adjustments

In fact I would go so far as to say she looks a little like me.
Me and Hedley

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