Thursday, 10 November 2011

Guest Crafts 1: Kaleidoscope Quilts

Although I haven't got lots of friends and family and the only people who read this blog are an even smaller subset of the aforementioned small group, just about most of them have more than a few crafty bones in their bodies. So I thought a 'Guest Crafts' sub-blog blog where I focus on crafts made by friends and family would make a nice change. As we all go by pseudonyms I shall call my first guest crafter Sunshine.

Sunshine's first kaleidoscope quilt
Second kaleidoscope quilt

Sunshine obviously has a mathematical bent and produces these amazing kaleidoscope quilts. The small one is the prototype I think. The second one she made at the request of someone who saw her first quilt and liked it a lot. I think the second one is fantabulous. I am calling them kaleidoscopes because that is what they make me think of.

What I love about this quilt is that at first it appears completely random and asymmetrical, but when you look from the centre, the pattern suddenly jumps out at you, then you find your eyes whizzing around finding patterns within patterns. I love the bold fabrics. I am also in awe of the way she managed to get all the points so pointy. Anyone who has ever tried to make a quilt with triangles will know that it is actually quite a tricky thing to make points pointy. Mine often end up blunty (maybe because I never measure anything) and there is usually a great deal of unpicking involved.

Hopefully I will be able to show more of Sunshine's work in the near future as she also dabbles in wool-related crafts.

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