Thursday, 7 July 2011

More Tricky Prayer Flags

'Quilts with Style' Tibetan Prayer Flag Quilt 
Next installment in the mandala saga: so, whilst looking for inspiration to make my midget mandala into a bed cover sized piece, I was flicking through my stash of old quilting magazines and serendipitously stumbled on Quilts with Style July/August 2004 (yes I really have kept it for 7 years but it is a good one). Who would believe it but they actually have a Tibetan Prayer Flag quilt (left)!! The quilt in question is rather fine, but I thought I could borrow the idea to make a border. 
It was a little bit more tricky than I had first anticipated and the whole project was almost sabotaged by some overenthusiastic hoovering too close to my design layout of little fabric pieces on the living room floor. Having picked said pieces out of the hoover bag and wiped off the hoover bag juice (what is that anyway??!) I managed to piece the border without too much problem (don’t look too closely - some points got blunted).

Border before finishing off
So again in the end I seem to have made another HUGE quilt, this one being a square, but having tested the size/shape on a bed it should look fine (watch out for sharp edges poking the eyes).
Then a simple matter of hand quilting to the backing (in the sunshine whilst listening to corny romance audio CDs) and now for the fun bit - Embellishments! 

Quilt roughly finished (after hand quilting, before embellishments)


bev said...

i am despirately looking for a copy of this pattern can you help?

Thimble said...

Bev I have tried to email you the instructions for the prayer flag quilt. Hope it works - it is a good one for using up leftover fabrics.