Sunday, 10 July 2011

More Crocheted Scarves!

So remember the granny square scarf that caught the eye in the flop series Jericho? (forget the big themes like nuclear Armageddon - pay attention to the fine crocheted details). Well this week when watching a film called Bright Star I was riveted by some incredibly beautiful crocheted pieces.

Crocheted cardigan in Bright Star
Some quick googling revealed the designer to be a woman called Sophie Digard. Her work is a positive inspiration. I was overwhelmed by the harmonising earthy hues of the yarns she uses...and the originality of the patterns.

This search led to a number of blogs where other like-minded enthusiasts were extolling her virtues - and on one of them I discovered this incredible site where you can download the most delightful patterns: Drops design. Looking at some of these designs I can just imagine myself walking along a white beach with the waves lapping at my feet and my crocheted shawl thrown carelessly over my crisp white cotton shift.

I will definitely be revisiting that site....once I get around to finishing the jumper I started knitting 2 years ago....and the crocheted afghan blanket I started last year....summer just seems to be the wrong time of year for handling wool.

Crochet granny squares - a work in progress - my first crochet

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