Sunday, 7 June 2015

spotty spring dress

New Look 6723 spotty dress
It's official. 2015 is the year of the home-made wardrobe.

At the cutting stage I have developed a habit of cutting a pattern out in 2 different fabrics. The idea is that as well as being more efficient, practice makes perfect.

I actually cut the pieces for this dress in December 2012 as it is the same pattern as the party frock I made in that frustrating easy-fraying Satin back Dupion. So ok, cutting a fabric 2 and a half years before making up the dress is not all that efficient.

New Look 6723 party version Dec 2012
I did a much better job the second time and am mostly very happy with the final piece.

Back detail (needs an iron)
 Things that make me happy about this dress:

  • The colour
  • The spots
  • The shape and fit of the back 
  • The front...when wearing a cardigan 
  • The very neat zip
  • The vintage buckle:

Things that I would like to improve on:

  • Like the party frock version, this thin belt irritates me even though I love the buckle. The belt is supposed to cover the seam dividing the bodice and skirt but it rides higher, on the top of my hips. Now that might be because I lengthened the bodice....but I think a WIDE belt might be better and I might just rectify that.
  • I am not at all happy about the neck, which gapes. It was worse than this before I reshaped the neckline (lowered it). The New Look pattern envelope shows a very neat Hepburnesque lady in black but she has quite a different figure and I am not sure my dress will ever hang the same. I think I will mostly be wearing a cardigan over this, which is a shame as it covers my nice neat zip.
It is after all only my 4th ever home made dress (dress 1 went so badly wrong it ended up in the bin before I finished it; dress 2 was a beautiful fabric and I did finish it...but that was before I realised I have a long body so it was a bad fit, plus I was in such a rush I didn't finish any of the it ended up in the bin; dress 3 was the party frock - it hangs abandoned in my wardrobe waiting for another chance....)

I am sure when I get more proficient at this I will understand what to do to avoid gaping but right now I am puzzled. It fit so well on Hedley. 

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