Monday, 10 March 2014


saul in-situ
Problem - steam escaping from bathroom and creating mold patches through house

Solution - open bathroom window and put draught-excluder outside door to retain heat

Problem - do not own draught-excluder and getting sick of someone using piles of clothes as a make-shift one

Solution - make one using leftover fabric from the Patch Pants

Problem - only leftover fabric from patch pants is the grey leopard print and leopards are pretty difficult and not draught-excluder shaped:

 Solution (genius) - leopard seals are long and smooth:
Problem - stuffing isn't heavy enough for draught-excluder filling

Solution - use stuffing and cat litter (the type made out of recycled paper not the dusty chalky type)

saul the seal

fish in mouth

 Problem - draught-excluder so life-like and friendly someone keeps bringing him into the living room 'out of the draught' and for a bit of company
 Solution - give up

Sunday, 2 March 2014


I was born and raised down in Alabama
On a farm way back up in the woods
I was so raggedy, folks used call me, “Patches”
Papa used to tease me ‘bout it
Of course deep down inside he was hurt
‘Cause he’d done all he could...

Ingredients for upcycled patchwork pants:

1. 3 old fleece jackets, cut into patches

2. leftover crocodile shoe fabric 

3. leftover hot water bottle cover fabric
4. some faux fur 

5. cow cotton lining

6. leftover sleeve ends for pockets (lined with cow cotton fabric)

matching evening ensemble
cow cotton lining
up-cycled sleeve pockets
On special occasions can be worn with a Patch jacket.

I’m dependin’ on you, son
I tried to do my best
It’s up to you to do the rest”