Monday, 10 March 2014


saul in-situ
Problem - steam escaping from bathroom and creating mold patches through house

Solution - open bathroom window and put draught-excluder outside door to retain heat

Problem - do not own draught-excluder and getting sick of someone using piles of clothes as a make-shift one

Solution - make one using leftover fabric from the Patch Pants

Problem - only leftover fabric from patch pants is the grey leopard print and leopards are pretty difficult and not draught-excluder shaped:

 Solution (genius) - leopard seals are long and smooth:
Problem - stuffing isn't heavy enough for draught-excluder filling

Solution - use stuffing and cat litter (the type made out of recycled paper not the dusty chalky type)

saul the seal

fish in mouth

 Problem - draught-excluder so life-like and friendly someone keeps bringing him into the living room 'out of the draught' and for a bit of company
 Solution - give up

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Catherine McArdle said...

Lovely. I filled mine with rice. But it's not cute and cuddly like yours.