Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Up-cycled tights tidies

There is nothing worse in the morning than fighting through a twisted knot of tights in a drawer that barely closes, trying to find the brother of a sock that might or might not be squirrelled away in the dark depths. It is like starting the day by fighting a gorgon, and it makes me as grumpy as I am when making a bed.

Well those days are at an end. I now have 'tights tidies':
Tights tidies 

The idea came from this peg bag I made a few years ago which is still going strong. I decided to use thinner lighter hangers for the tights bags to save room. You can just about see that I have actually sewed the bags onto the hangers, unlike the peg bag.

Handmade quilted peg bag
Another irksome thing about mornings is locating what seems to be a pair of plain tights only to discover on putting them on that they are actually 'fun' or novelty tights, which just won't do for work. So at first glance 4 tights tidies may seem extravagant, but in the interests of segregation it makes good sense.

So here we have the nude tights bag (all bags are lined with organza left over from the mandala quilt). The skirt is a remnant from a cushion and the purple is left-over backing from my first quilt made in about 2004)...
nude tights tidy
...and then there is the plain dark tights bag. The skirt is a cutting from the car seat-covers I patched in 2009 which had seen better days, the legs are from the mandala quilt and the pale blue is backing from my mum's 60th birthday quilt...
dark tights tidy
...and then there is the woolly tights bag. The backing is of course the same as the peg bag and the legs I am so happy about because they are leftovers from the last post so in the end very little of the marathon cape knitting disaster went to waste...
woolly tights tidy
...and last but not least there is the fancy or novelty fun tights bag. More up-cycled car seat patch covers for the skirt and old quilt backing strips for the legs. Even the buttons are orphan buttons from my button box.
novelty tights bags

Oh and if this seems a little o-c, a quick internet search reassures me there are always others who take it that one step further. Some people have really thought this through- see wear at work tights storage, odd socks and pretty frocks storage, kitty cat stevens - how I organise my tights, lana red tight tights.

So the problem I have now is finding storage space for the tights storage. Life is a series of challenges. 

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