Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Recipe for Knitting Socks

New Year, new and a slightly less spooky look for The Haunted Quilter. Yet again I delve into the Maureen stash (knitting and sewing bits & bobs inherited from a much loved aunt), this time for a really old handwritten sock recipe:

Directions for Knitting Socks

Caston about 49 stitches (for Phyllis I have 69). The odd one for the seam stitch.

For the Well - knit 2 purl 2 the required length. Then do a few rounds plain.

The pattern consists of two rounds commencing on the third stitch after the seam stitch.

1st Round. Make one by bringing cotton to front of needle, knit 2 together. Continue this until you get to the two stitches before the seam stitch.

2nd Round. Purl all the way round commencing on the third stitch after seam stitch. This finishes the pattern. You then knit a few rounds plain (3 is nice) and then repeat pattern.

Continue pattern in the foot on front needle as far as you think will show. The toe is plain.

NB Keep the two stitches on either side the seam stitch plain throughout. If you put in any narrowings you will of course have only 1 plain either side until you narrow again.

You will require about 3 balls of Brightage (?) for one pair.

Hope I have made it quite clear.


I think this recipe presumes a certain amount of skill and experience in knitting socks - I got lost on the third stitch after the seam stitch. Also, it is a bit of pot luck on sizing...presumably Phyllis had larger than average sized legs.

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