Saturday, 15 October 2011

Rainbow quilts

Colour-wheel Rainbow Quilt
My common-law mother-in-law (what a mouthful!) sent me a few bundles of unusual vintage American FQs after a recent holiday. I keep meaning to photograph them but have been sidetracked.

This blog is getting a bit dusty and neglected so I thought a picture of the quilt I made for my nephew would brighten things up a bit. I was going through a colour-wheel phase at the time and spent many a happy hour sorting fabric squares into colours. I usually allow my carefully sorted fabrics to get jumbled up again over time so that I can have the pleasure of sorting them again.

I read an article in Sew Hip about a woman who collected swatches of fabric from her daughter's clothes from childhood through to adulthood and over 25 years or so stitched an English style patchwork quilt, which she presented to her daughter on her wedding day. I thought this was a lovely idea - now I just have to convince my sister to let me cut up her daughter's best frocks...

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