Thursday, 18 August 2011

Make do and Mend and Very Old Cotton

Old cotton
Aunty Maureen was a collector of useful things. Being another collector of useful things, it was fitting that when she died, I inherited her collection of useful fabrics, cotton, knitting pins, patterns and old magazines (see Corpuleen).

Woollies cotton

So I was especially pleased when the opportunity arose to use some of Maureen's old cotton on a 'make do and mend' project. Woollies perished not long after Maureen so these 7p cottons may well be collector's items.

Stitched hammock

Luckily I knew someone with a ripped hammock and I had some leftover curtain material (mentioned previously) of the exact size needed to make a giant patch. I also got the chance to try a new stitch on my super Janome memorycraft 4900QC (Maureen legacy too).

The end result was a bit bare so someone I know who is a good drawer and not of the furniture variety drew me a little bird and before I knew it I had PUT A BIRD ON IT.
Little bird with speech bubble


eks said...

that's my hammock!!!!! and it is so beautiful now x x x

Thimble said...

A comment!! Oh happy day!!! Hope it doesn't split at the joins...

Thimble said...