Saturday, 20 October 2012

Twirly Skirt

Twirly Skirt

Although things appear to have been quiet here for a couple of months, there has in fact been significant activity behind the scenes in Thimble land. Most of these projects are TOP SECRET hence no posts.

The little imp girl who drew Bad Hair Day Lady is just the kind of girl who would make the most out of a twirly skirt. I am having fun with patches at the moment and wanted to make a little patch skirt.

The nicest/only patch skirt pattern I could find was on Etsy but due to a technical malfunction I ended up with this pattern instead:

Not being averse to a bit of pretty I have been collecting bits and bobs of charming fabric from Temporary Measure for some time. For those not already in the know the little rabbit and big bear on the fabric are the same little rabbit and big bear to feature in the very lovely books written by a wizard wordsmith I know.

This pattern gives options for making 'girly', 'preppy' or 'cool'. A little sleight of hand and I created 'patchy'. Add a rabbit T-shirt and I think we can call this an 'ensemble'. Not only that but a 'themed ensemble', something I feel was sadly missing from my youth. In fact you can probably see that Cathycoo (in turquoise ensemble) always did have more of an eye for colour-matching than me (left).

Rabbit and Bear ensemble

Thimble and CathyCoo
These days, as well as being unable to carry off yellow, green, blue and fuschia outfits with panache, I am a devil for the finishing touches; hence Liberty lining and finished seams, seam tape from seamstar, all so that the little lady need not feel ashamed when she does a roly poly.

As usual I was a bit nervous about the fit and Hedley was not going to be too much help, so this was my Macgyver moment: a melting middle fishcake 3 year old girl waistband form!